Celtic Druidism: The Path To The Green World

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 Once people come to the realization that there is no "sacred text" or the equivalent in ancient Druidism, and there really is not any set beliefs among Druids, they will really free themselves up to be able to define the nature of Druidism. I view Druidry as a Spiritual Path and a Way of Life. Come join my journey to discover the Green Path. This book is jam packed full of information about the Druids and the mark they have left on history. The lineage of the Druid spiritual tradition can be traced across many thousands of years. The three tasks of a Druid: To live in the present, to honor tradition and the ancestors, as well to hear the voice of tomorrow. 

Loaded with pictures and this is one of the most complete books on the Druids. 


Bannock Boy Meets The Wolf Man

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This edition of Bannock Boy teaches children  great lessons in keeping their word, sharing, and safety. This is a must have for kids of all ages. Whether you are a fan of Bannock Boy or the Wolf Man you will absolutely enjoy this book.

Free cut out masks and many activities makes this book much more than just a story book. 


The Black Death

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                        The Black Death - Bonus Edition - Free Shipping

This book on the Black Death is the most in-depth study of the plague that killed millions in the 1300s.  Written by  physician  J Hecker in the early 1800s and first published in 1832 then again in 1888, this book includes doctor recommendations from the time of the fourteenth century during the Black Death. 

This book is a great read and goes into incredible detail from Hecker a medical specialist who dedicated his career to studying plagues. This book describes all the pain and suffering the people who fell victim to the plague went through as well as the craziness from witch burning, mothers throwing babies into fire, and more horrors you can not even imagine.

You will learn about how they used blood letting, alchemy, and astrology to try to get rid of the plague and the pain.

This edition is the BONUS EDITION packed full of extras including pictures. Get your copy today and free shipping is included for anyone in Canada and the U.S..

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Thoth - As Above, So Below - The Greatest Alchemist That Ever Lived

Thoth is the Ancient Egyptian god of writing, magic, wisdom and the moon. He is thought to be self-created.The Greeks associated Thoth with Hermes and in their mind Thoth became Hermes Timegistus. According to one legend, Thoth was born "from the lips of Ra" at the beginning of creation and was also known as the "god without a mother".This book explores the many brances of knowledge Thoth is credited with, law, magic, philosophy, religion, science and writing.The author takes you on a spiritual journey of seeking knowledge and the great role Thoth played in many cultures.

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Magic of Sevens

The number seven is the most powerful magical number based on centuries of mythology, science and mathematics. In many cultures around the world seven is considered a lucky number and rightly so. People who are number 7 people are considered lucky and coming in contact them makes others lucky as well. We are all aware of the seven seas, seven colors in the rainbow, seven days of the week and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The number seven has enjoyed a very long history of positive associations across many different cultures. There is also a powerful connection between the number seven and the various religions of the world. This book will dazzle the reader and take you on an incredible journey and shed light on the magic of the number seven.

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The Goat-Man

The Goat-Man Monster has been around since ancient Egypt. This figures has been creating havoc and murders for thousands of years. The Knights Templar used this creature's image as one of their symbols. Later this symbol would be used by the Satanic cults. In this book you will learn much more about this monster and see just how mean and evil it really can be. World Paranormal Research Society is the only people to ever capture this creature on film.

            We are the only paranormal team to catch the Goat-Man on film.

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BoneYard Banter

A book that celebrates the dead and brings the reader into the world of the taphophile. If you have an interest and a passion for cemeteries and tombstones this is the book for you. A cemetery and it's glorious symbols are a unique record and a history of people. Remember folks every life is worth remembering. Join the journey as Bone Yard Banter takes you on a stroll with symbols through the ages that indeed remember the dead. Get Your Copy Today!!!

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